Teaching Resources

These resources can be used when designing lessons to help students understand disasters, how they occur, their possible effects, and how individuals and communities can prepare for and recover from a disaster event.

The resources include:

  • Before the Storm - a game for iPhone and iPod touch
  • web-based interactive learning objects such as Dingo Creek Series and DisasterMapper
  • Webquests
  • Living with Disaster Digital Stories
  • curriculum-based lesson plans, activities and units of work.

A Disaster Resilience Education Resource Kit for schools is also available from schools@ag.gov.au.

Australian Emergency Management Library

The Australian Emergency Management Library has an extensive schools collection featuring both fiction and non-fiction resources, as well as DVDs/Videos. Visit the library online.

The only cost to a school for borrowing any of these items is the return postage.

If you’d like more information about a particular type of disaster, the Australian Emergency Management Library is definitely the right place to start. You can contact the library directly by:

Li'L Larikkins

The Li'L Larikkins Natural Hazard’s Children's Program is a children’s cartoon series about the natural hazards of storms, cyclones, floods and tsunami. The Program is a series of ten half-minute stories aimed at:

  • building awareness with children (6-12 years) and their families of natural hazards
  • providing them with information about being prepared, being responsive and being resilient.

A school resources kit was supplied to all state, independent and religious primary schools in Australia in March 2011. The educational multimedia teaching resource (DVD) supports teachers in the classroom to develop engaging and informed learning programs with their students and to build awareness of natural hazards.

The DVD includes:

  • ten digital safety stories
  • thirty informative lesson plans that deliver natural hazards safety messages to children
  • learning objectives and aligned content as outlined in the Australian curriculums, in particular, science, english and geography
  • links to all State Emergency Services and other relevant government and support agencies.

Themes covered in the DVD are:

  1. playing in floodwater
  2. emergency plan
  3. emergency kit
  4. listening to weather warnings and acting early
  5. cleaning up
  6. driving in floodwater
  7. tsunami warning
  8. staying inside until clearance is given after a storm
  9. flash floods
  10. things to avoid during a storm.