National Curriculum

The National Emergency Management Projects (NEMP) Educating the Educators: Disaster Resilience Resource Mapping Report is a component of a larger NEMP project: Educating the Educators – which aims to develop disaster resilience within primary and secondary students by improving teacher understanding and confidence in using Disaster Resilience Education (DRE) resources from Australian sources which are explicitly linked to the Australian curriculum.
Curriculum Mapping
The curriculum mapping project involved reviewing a sample of 47 existing Australian DRE primary and secondary school resources. The resources were mapped against Australian Curriculum Learning Areas released prior to May, 2013 (English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography), the General Capabilities, the Cross-curriculum Priorities and other criteria such as stage of schooling, target audience and resource type. The 47 resources demonstrate the outstanding commitment of emergency services agencies across Australia to reducing risk and building student and teacher understanding and resilience in times of disaster. These resources reveal the concerted efforts agencies make to connect with student learning and show innovative ways of communicating and building awareness and understanding of the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery (PPRR) model. They are evidence of the importance and value of education in child-centred disaster risk reduction and the benefits of collaboration across agencies on a national scale.
Teachers will find Appendix 2 – Mapping summary for each DRE resource – particularly useful as a guide to selecting the best resource/s for the specific needs of their students, curriculum and setting.
Download National Emergency Management Project - Educating The Educators - Mapping of disaster resilience education resources against the Australian Curriculum [PDF 1.37MB] [Doc 680KB]
Inquiry Based Learning
The Educating the Educators project team were keen to incorporate input from children in the development of professional learning resources for teachers. We developed a plan to provide support to a school to engage in Disaster Resilience Education (DRE) and use the experience to promote the teaching of DRE to other schools and teachers.
A grade 6 team were embarking on a term-long Inquiry Based Learning Project about “Earth’s natural processes and their effect on people and the environment” culminating in an Exhibition for their families and the wider school community.
A fantastic case study of how Inquiry Based Learning can achieve deep learning and embedding of disaster resilience messages was achieved. The children involved can now freely articulate the PPRR (Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery) model of disaster resilience, and they have shared their learning with their families and community. The process was documented and a 15 minute video made.
View the Inquiry Based Learning Case Study Video
Read the transcript of the Inquiry Based Learning Case Study Video